The Beginning

Thanks for joining me! I cannot begin to describe how amazing this opportunity is. I feel an unending amount of joy when I think about my home away from home that will begin in a few short months. While I still have so much to figure out, this official acceptance to the University of Surrey for the new school year is incredible.

I look forward to all of my amazing classes, though this hands-off learning will certainly be something new to get used to. I am also unbelievably excited to spend all of my free time traveling and taking in as much of Europe as possible. I know that this will be an amazing nine months of traveling, learning, exploring, and making new lifelong friends. The experience alone is something I have been dreaming about for forever, and I can’t believe it is only a few short months away.

I am so excited about this journey, and so excited to be sharing it with you. None of this would have been possible without such an amazing support system and I couldn’t be more grateful. These next few months will be filled with working in order to save, french homework, and as much trip planning as I can possibly do. So, with that in mind, if anyone has some travel suggestions please feel free to reach out as one can never have too many places to explore!

Cheers, Kylie

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