Late Night

So, a small part of me was not really interested in tonight’s post. I won’t lie, keeping up with this thing is tough. I don’t always have much to say on the topic of leaving, especially since it’s been a few months of waiting. However, I am finally in the home stretch. I honestly am so thankful to have made it this far. Even though parts of this process have been stressful, I have absolutely loved the whole thing. I enjoy knowing all of my hard work will soon pay off. So, here are my updates for the week, late at night. Please excuse the shortness, it has been a long week, but I want you guys to have all the information!

  1. I have finally seen what my accommodations will look like, not too shabby everyone. I’m in a shared room, but also get my own due to the fact that they are separated by floors. Someone gets a top floor and someone gets a bottom (the door leads into the bottom one and the stairs go through it to get upstairs). Really hoping for a cool roommate. I mean who doesn’t like a guaranteed best friend right?
  2. Packing for this trip will be wayyyyyy harder than I originally thought. Anyone else always forgetting about that thing called a weight limit? I seem to forget that while it is easy to pack things, it is difficult to pack and stay relatively light. Wish me luck with that everyone.
  3. I will really miss Harley. I mean I honestly should have claimed him as a dependent because how could anyone not love such a cute boy. He is the best dog in the world and I will miss him endlessly (don’t worry I’ll miss my family too). Stay tuned for a picture of the boy soon.
  4. I am only two and a half weeks from really taking off on my adventure and I could not be more excited about it. I cannot believe that my five months of planning and saving are finally going to be put to use. I feel so ready to take Europe by storm and really make it home for the next nine months.
Notice all the hair he leaves on my clothes…definitely won’t miss that part.
He’s really too cute, just look at that face.

As always, thank you everyone for being so amazingly supportive and loving!



3 thoughts on “Late Night

  1. This is becoming real for me too. I know I don’t see you that much, but its a little daunting to know you will be so far away. I love knowing you are so prepared-physically and emotionally. You are independent and practical and what I like to call “low maintenance”. You will make it a great experience and btw whoever is your roommate is very lucky! Lets do something together before you leave! Love you kylie grist!

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  2. Harley will miss you too. He is in complete heaven with his head in your lap while you pet him. I’ve never seen such a content look as the one on his face while with you!! Good think your clothes are so little, that means they weigh less, heheheh

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