The Ups and The Downs

So, it’s official. I have finally arrived in the new country I will consider home for the next nine months, or maybe even a second home for the rest of my life, if plans go somewhat accordingly. It’s true what they say, adjusting to a new place does not happen overnight. Though I guess it’s been a week since my last post, you’ll need to get caught up to truly understand the meaning behind my words.

Not only a picture of my send off, but a debut of my fabulous pink hair. Also Kara really wanted to be featured in the blog.

Plane rides are never simple or easy, and the ride to London was certainly no exception. Though of course my naive self thought that surely an overnight ride would be easy to sleep on and, much to my dismay, I was incorrect. It was honestly like a plane from hell, as I spent my time squished in the middle seat between a man and a man with a baby. Can you think of anything worse for a 10 and a half hour flight? What about a crying baby for 10 and a half hours? Yeah, I know, and yes, I will invite all the sympathy you deem necessary to give me. Though I supposed the plane ride is nothing compared to the adjustment of being somewhere so new.

The ride to Uncle Paul’s went swimmingly, I was even greeted with a sign upon my arrival (decorated by Uncle Paul himself). I then came home to a full Sunday dinner (lunch maybe?). Though I will say eating meat probably would’ve left me a little fuller. Conversations flowed all around me as I struggled to stay awake, and follow such “proper” English. By eight o’clock I was ready to catch up on some much needed sleep. I was out like a baby.

Monday morning was an adjustment, nausea sit heavy upon my body for many hours, from dehydration or nerves I am unsure. I will say, in order to not prolong with so many details, that I was a bit miserable my first day here. I was ready for adventure and new sights, but my body needed more time to adjust. Thankfully, after a few hours of feeling less than stellar I was able to feel back to myself, and even enjoyed a my first few legal drinks at a local pub. Along with some fish and chips, which were absolutely spectacular. I mean really, does American food even come close to competing with such a terrific creation? I will definitely be enjoying some more soon enough.

I promise it started out in the paper, I was late with the picture. Not pictured: my rumbling stomach.

I will say one of the best parts of staying with my oh so amazing hosts, Uncle Paul and Kimberley, would be the dogs (there are two to five present at all times). Not to mention the fact that they were kind enough to buy my bedding and towels for me! Did you know the UK has three different kinds of trolleys (shopping carts) to choose from? Me either until a short while ago. After bedding we took a quick trip to the supermarket, which was also lovely, where I acquired some new pans and a delicious sandwich.

I’m surprised to find myself saying it, but Chinese food in the UK might honestly be better. As I found it to be delicious and full of new and exciting flavors. Gemma was an absolutely splendid dinner companion and so were the dogs after she had gone. Though I look forward to seeing her tomorrow for our trip to Brighton. You’ll hear more about that soon, don’t fret.

So, the first few days did not go entirely as I had planned. There were some sad moments of missing home and longing for what I thought of as normal. However, after giving my mind and body some time to adjust, I can say quite confidently that I am going to love it here. If I don’t already. Thank you for tuning in and hopefully enjoying at least some part of this weeks post. For those of you following and receiving emails when I post something new, get ready, as posts may come for frequently to keep from them being so long. Sometimes it’s hard to get a weeks worth of incredible experiences out in just one post. So make sure to stay tuned in! As always, thank you for being such amazing supporters and I can’t believe the time is really here after so much planning.

I look forward to my adventures and new experiences that await me in the coming future. I cannot wait to share them with you all, hopefully with some more photos than I’ve taken so far. Finally, in case you all require a visual of my location, I am currently sitting outside in the sun with a nice breeze. The backyard here is just lovely and I might have to make the porch swing chair my new favorite spot here. The wind blows through the trees and rustles the leaves as I “aggressively”, as Kara would put it, type on my computer to share my thoughts and feelings with, well, the world. There is a quiet calmness that comes with being in Angmering, and I can only hope that I can find as nice of a place to write when I move into my new home at school.



7 thoughts on “The Ups and The Downs

  1. Love the picture you’ve painted for us, and sorry to hear about your flight. That sounded miserable. You’ve made it though and it sounds like with each passing day you are going to grow to love it there even more. Happy to know you’ve got sweet peeps to make your transition a bit easier. Sending love and big hugs. Go and do all of the things Kylie! Then report back to us. xo

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  2. Excited to read about your travels, and LOVE the pink hair. I can’t wait to hear about Brighton, a favourited city in a favourite book!


  3. I’m glad you bounced back quickly because that flight and time change and does make it hard on the body! It’s so great to have family to stay with and get adjusted. It sounds lovely and amazing. Enjoy every second!


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