Fit For A Queen

A little early on the mark, but I had to share how my time has gone since Wednesday because it has been a busy time for traveling indeed. Three travel spots: Brighton, Worthing, and Arundel, and many British friends later, I have so much to share. It has been a busy and wonderful time as I prepare for my move in day this Wednesday, I can’t believe it has arrived so soon. I can’t wait to meet my roommate and start my journey in Guildford, but that is for another blog time.

First stop: Brighton. If you ask me I’d say the British seafront might actually be better than the American one. First off, the beaches are pebbles so it isn’t like you have to feel bad about not going in the water. Side note: I finally understand what they mean when they say mind the gap thanks to my first train ride. Which by the way was very smooth sailing thanks to my lovely cousin Gemma! She is also an excellent tour guide, no way I would’ve had the same experience in Brighton without her. The lanes were so cute and I loved wandering through the different stores just looking around. All while getting the lowdown on phrases and the cool spots. Brighton also has a fantastic little pier (pictures to come don’t worry), which was great to walk around on such a nice sunny day. We also made sure to stop in a few pubs, though I’m still not used to being able to order a drink in public.

Had to take advantage of the photo opportunities. Though you probably saw them on instagram first.

The next stop would be the small town of Worthing. Which had a really fantastic ferris wheel and lots of cute little shops. Sure there wasn’t a whole lot of touring, but it was really fun to see. On the bright side they have a great nail shop (I had to try it out). I managed to get all my kitchen stuff as well, which is always a good thing. The great thing about Worthing was the pub for the football (soccer) game. It was really fun to meet more people and feel like more of I’m a local. I even played a couple rounds of pool, which was a little different though I’m still not very good.

Finally, totally didn’t save the best for last, we come to my trip in Arundel. My fantastic hosts, Dave and Amanda, took me to see my first ever castle! It was gigantic and I can’t believe we got to tour the whole place. It was absolutely spectacular to tour, even though it meant hundreds of steps. We also checked out the chapel and the gardens that were part of the castle and I totally loved it. It was great to have a more solid image of what it looked like back then, Queen Victoria even stayed in one of the rooms we saw! We also went to a pub that was from 1625ish, totally awesome! The whole town was very cute and quaint and I really loved getting to explore it. Honestly, I think you just have to look at the pictures to really understand the beauty.

Well, I’ll see you all later which really just means Wednesday because that’s my move in day! Can’t wait to stop living out of my suitcases.



3 thoughts on “Fit For A Queen

  1. I’m a sucker for a good castle! I’m surprised the library picture didn’t make it into the blog…though there will be lots of libraries to look through over the next year! you look so happy love, I’m proud of you for making this week your bitch!

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