New Home

It’s official everyone, I am now on the Surrey campus and finally settled in to my new place in Europe!! I can’t begin to describe the feelings I have as the journey for being abroad really starts to take off for school. What a busy first day it has been. Lots of new friends and new places.

Dave and I arrived around 10:30am and we finished moving in pretty fast. I finessed the bottom room of the two because apparently it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t totally satisfied with just unpacking and then exploring, so I decided to walk to the store for some groceries. Let me tell you, that was an experience. Two miles and an hour later (pretty sure I was lost a few times) I made it. Grabbed some fruits and veggies and then began the trek back to campus with a full bag. Which was a much shorter walk because I must’ve taken the right way the second time around.

As I arrived back and was starting my unpacking, music was my first priority. Can’t unpack without some good tunes. Unfortunately I forgot my adapter at Amanda and Dave’s, and my speaker was dead. So it was back to wandering, hoping there was a place somewhere nearby. The lady at the campus hive (kind of like a student center) gave me a general location of where I might find it. So I wandered, then I wandered some more, then I stopped for tea, and then continued my wandering. Finally I just went into the library and asked a nice group of students if they could help. They gave me the information and I took a flyer for their Christian Union events. Hopefully I will be seeing them again in the future. I also managed to grab three adapters (they were cheap and I figured I should be safe instead of sorry).

When I arrived back to my room my roommate had arrived! She is a sophomore studying sociology and she’s from Texas! I think they group roommates based on country, but I’m not positive. We chatted for awhile and drank some cheap wine I got from the store. After she left for the store (no way I was doing that again today) I started and finished by unpacking. It felt so much better having everything out of my suitcases.

One of the other exchange students suggested we all meet for pizza for dinner and then hit the pubs. Of course I went and had an amazing time. I ate lots of pizza and met so many exchange students. It was really nice to just sit around and share our move in experiences and everything. Though I didn’t go to the pub because the long day of walking really caught up to me. Overall I had a great, slightly stressful, day. I am excited for my first orientation day tomorrow! More to come soon.



2 thoughts on “New Home

  1. i am so proud of you…and glad you didn’t get frustrated on the long walk…by the by, if you map the directions and take a screenshot you will have a ballpark of where you’re headed 😉 or not…love you!


  2. This is awesome Kylie! Way to embrace it all and roll with the punches. Your place sounds and looks cozy and I can’t wait to see pics of future decor! I know you’ll make it your own. Sending love and good vibes from across the big pond. xo


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