A day late, and a pound short…

Hello everyone! For those of you that eagerly waited by your computers for an email about my post for yesterday, I do sincerely apologize for the suspense. The week has been long and by the time I realized yesterday was Wednesday it was about 10:00pm here, so there was going to be no post that day. However, I am here now so don’t worry. We have much to cover in this weeks post!

As you all know move in day was rocky, but overall a very nice time. It was a great day for meeting new people and making some friends, of which I’m pretty sure I made many! I won’t bore you with the details of Thursday and Friday during the day, it was just a lot of meetings and talks for exchange students. Friday night we had a dinner and then went to Rubix (the club on campus) which was incredibly fun. It was the first time in months that I wasn’t home and in bed by midnight. I made lots of new friends and danced as much as possible (and maybe had a few drinks).

My English major companions that I sat with at the dinner!

Saturday I went into town to explore with my new friend Alonzo, who is coincidentally also from California (I know, small world). It was really nice to wander around and get a feel for where I will be living for the next nine months. I really loved getting to window shop and I also bought a few pairs of jeans because, as it turns out, you can’t fit nine months worth of clothes into two suitcases. Who would have thought? While Saturday night started the kickoff for all the freshers week Rubix events you could find me at the pres only (which are the pre-drinks for those of you that didn’t know that). Unfortunately, while my house is great and convenient for when I do go out, it is not as nice for when I don’t want to go out. You can hear all the music from the events (which tend to go until 2 or 3 am). Suffice it to say that I have not been sleeping well, but it should all be over this Saturday.

Here is a pretty view from the steps I walk down from my house!

Sunday was a relaxing day inside, as I was completely exhausted. Until of course I was taken to the pub in town by a few friends for a couple drinks. And then a couple more drinks (how my budget survive with these nights out I have no idea). Monday started the Welcome Week activities, most of which were definitely not worth my time. Though I went anyways, and I spent my free time just reading and winding down. It was nice to have some time to myself to just hang out and contemplate my decorating ideas. This week has been a great time of starting a routine and get the hang of things. Also to drink lots of tea and coffee, I really shouldn’t be going out as much.

I went to the campus market today, they sell fresh fruit and veggies for a very affordable price, I only paid 6 pounds for a bag full of stuff! Definitely will be going every week for those groceries. I have also started the job hunt, I currently have two pretty solid options. Training for one of them will be from 11-4pm tomorrow so I am hoping that it all works out well for me! Now I just have to figure out how to get a National Insurance Number (aka the only thing that is stressing me out right now) Well, I think that is it for me. Thank you all for tuning in and I am sure you will be hearing from me again soon!



P.S. You know you are living the college life when your diet consists mostly of pizza, pasta, alcohol, and the occasional vegetable! 😉

3 thoughts on “A day late, and a pound short…

  1. omg…get some sleep before you get sick crazy girl! what is the equivalent of emergen-c over there?!? do they sell that at your little market? i love that you are eating your veggies babe…keep it up! grandma dale and i love reading your blog together ❤


    1. Love that you read it together! Am catching up on sleep now that freshers week is over, and luckily I brought some emergen-c over with me!


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