What I Miss Most

Hi loves! I was going to recap the week like I normally do, but really it was a lot of reading and drinking. Pretty self explanatory, right? Instead I think I have been gone long enough to come up with a list of American things I miss the most. I can’t believe it has been a whole month since I left the states. I am loving my time abroad (in case that wasn’t obvious) and it has gotten so much better since I feel like I am finally adjusted to everything. I look forward to my first weekend travel (that post will finally have pictures again, a lot of them). Keep in mind this list is in no particular order, for the sake of time I will not be including people, cause let’s be honest that one is just straightforward. Love you mom and dad!!

  1. Harley (I didn’t say anything about not including animals): that boy is the only boy that has ever had my heart. Love you bud!
  2. Onion Rings: never realized they weren’t so readily available outside of the states. Last Thursday I spent an hour walking around looking for a place with a friend.
  3. Spicy food: the crisps (chips) just don’t hit the same without that extra bit of spice. Plus they just don’t have the right kind of hot sauce, though I am making it work by subbing with lots of jalapeños.
  4. Ranch: technically I have ceasar dressing, but it really is not the same and it’s quite a shame because ranch is good on literally everything.
  5. Sushi: as most of you know my vegetarian self has made few exceptions, sushi being a pretty big one. Even though I made sure to have lots (and I really mean lots here) it was nowhere near enough to satisfy me for nine months.
  6. Normal sinks: one faucet for hot and cold. Please tell me why the Brits feel the need to have two bathroom faucets. Honestly who is that helping? I’ll tell you who, no one. Absolutely no one.
  7. Mexican food: seems pretty self explanatory.
  8. The Office: as I’m sure most of you know Netflix is different in the UK than in the US. Unfortunately they don’t have my favorite sitcom, the American version of The Office which, by the way, will no longer be available by the new year. Instead they only have the UK one which just doesn’t hit right.
  9. Normal amounts of drinking. Don’t worry everyone, I am not an alcoholic… yet. Though these Brits seem to think that it is quite despicable that I am unable to keep up as they drink pint after pint.
  10. The Language: honestly what don’t I get made fun of for saying. “y’all” is just completely unacceptable here, but I can’t seem to shake it from my everyday vocabulary. However, I have gotten better at understanding things like “I just thought my flatmates (roommates) were eating crisps (chips) in the loo (bathroom).” Crazy times everyone, I just want to go back to saying dude and what’s up instead of being passively asked “how you going”.

So that’s it, the top 10 things I miss the most about the states (excluding family and friends). Again, love you mom and dad! For some bonus content I will include a couple stories with my favorite exchange students so far! These are some good ones everyone.

  • I have absolutely loved getting to know not only the British culture, but also Australian and even Belgium. Yesterday I had to correct my friend Jonathan when he referred to the handlebars of a bike as a steering wheel. He’s a funny boy.
  • A few nights ago I went to the movies with Daniel (Swedish) and Boris (Bulgarian) and they insisted we go to 5 Guys. Apparently it is a very popular American chain that they just had to try. The result: two very happy and full boys that made an absolutely mess trying to eat burgers. It was quite cute.
  • Last night I was up at 3am because one of my housemates had fallen down our stairs drunk (don’t worry he is okay) and when I put him to bed he gave me a whole Swedish chocolate bar. I haven’t tried it, but the moment made me laugh.
  • Today I was making a quesadilla and this boy Jacky (from Malaysia) asked me what I was making and I thought it was absolutely adorable. He is such a sweetheart.
  • Cooking all the time is quite a new experience for me as I never really had time during the year last year. I decided to make rice a few nights ago. Thought three cups would be enough for leftovers for a few nights as well. I really lived up to the stereotype of Americans making portions that are far too big.

Obviously those aren’t all of the memories I have made since I have gotten to uni, but those are ones I am definitely going to treasure for forever. Don’t worry, there will be more exchange stories to come. For now I hope everyone is doing well and I am still loving all of the support. Never worry about texting me, (whatsapp is best) I will always make sure to respond when I can! Talk soon!



3 thoughts on “What I Miss Most

  1. I missed the language too but something about foreign languages makes you miss it when you hear the standard american complaining about their order when you get home and go out to eat. i’m glad that there are some pretty cool differences between the brits and the americans. no ranch though! that must be a crime.


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