Uni Life

Hello fans, sorry for the late post. I know I missed a week, don’t worry it was on purpose. To be honest there hasn’t been much to blog about since my last post. However, updates on my life abroad are always a fun time, even if they are only minor ones. So, without further delay, let’s get started.


As I have mentioned I started working at a bar/restaurant on campus and I have actually really been enjoying myself. I definitely haven’t gotten down the job entirely, clearing tables is easy whereas making cocktails has been more challenging. However, I am getting decent hours and it has been really fun learning all of the different things (give me a call if you need help tapping a keg). My coworkers are all really awesome, though they do make me miss my people from the dub. Missing my days in the kitchen while making bomb potatoes with Cinthya. Though it definitely helps that my new coworkers don’t suck, even if they do make fun of my American accent daily.


Okay seriously like no one wants to hear about this, but for whatever reason it seems to be a common question when I am chatting with family. So, school is good, classes are simple and I have not had a single assignment yet which is really weird. It has been a lot of independent reading which is only annoying because it leaves less time for fun outside reading. Though, on the bright side, the books that I have been having to read for classes have at least been interesting. I haven’t made many friends through classes, but in my defense they are younger and they kind of already have their little groups. Not that I really mind anyways, I like being able to chat when we are in class and not feel like I have to make other plans outside of class.


This would normally be the fun part to write about, but I haven’t done any traveling since London. However, I might be going to Dublin in a few weeks which would be super fun. I am also looking into a school trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, but that won’t be happening until February. I am also making day trip plans to go to Stonehenge with Bekah which will be really fun. So while I’m not doing something every weekend I do think that is nice because it allows for my budget to stretch more for the trips that I do take. I am also going to be visiting Uncle Paul and everyone again on the 15th, maybe we will do something when I am there *hint hint*.


Still going strong, especially with my fancy new job. I was able to cut down my weekly spending amount which has also helped the budgeting. As I mentioned before I originally planned to travel most weekends, but since I am not doing that (at least not this semester) I will be able to spend a little extra to go on maybe slightly more extravagant trips (meaning I will maybe eat out while traveling instead of buying sandwiches from the market for cheap). I also developed an easy system to track and monitor my spending which is super great. Credit card for any trips (while writing down what I am spending in my phone) and cash for my weekly spending. Something about using cash just feels right. The main reason for my budgeting is so that I will still have some money to travel around once we finish classes for the year. Hoping Molly will want to go around Europe with me (so you better start saving girly)!

A couple quick and irrelevant notes:

  • If anyone has easy, healthy vegetarian recipes send them my way! I have discovered that cooking on my own in a foreign country is a slight challenge.
  • Always feel free to reach out to me if you want to chat, I have been not great at doing that so I apologize.
  • My exchange friends are fantastic and I hate thinking about how they will all be going back home after this semester.
  • My Open When letters from Kara are still going strong and make my day every time I get to open one.
  • I might have to do a few “university approved” blog posts so bear with me if they are boring or not my usual thing.
  • Anyone know how to cook green beans? Asking for a friend…
  • I really miss some of my netflix shows, serious withdrawals guys.
  • Can you guys believe next Friday will be marking three months?? Time is flying by!
  • Love and miss you all so so much!!!



6 thoughts on “Uni Life

  1. love this post 😉 tell your friend to put the beans in a pan with a bit of water on the bottom of the pan to steam them…add a few spices (the italian spice mix is a good option)…then cover it and cook on medium heat for about 10 minutes 😉 love you! can’t wait to hear about the trip to dublin


  2. oh! also, sabrina wants to follow the blog, but isn’t getting emails? also, beckman said when you go to bath that you should stay with his friends who live there…maybe that’s something we can do at xmas?


  3. Hi Kylie! Great to hear from you here and glad things are going well. I bet you are a blast to work with at the pub. My favorite way to make green beans is to steam them a bit and THEN sauté in butter, add a salt and pepper to taste, THEN, top with sliced or slivered toasted almonds. YUM. If I happen upon some yummy/simple vegetarian ideas I will post. OH- if you like spaghetti squash- cut in half long ways (use your muscles) scrape out inside seed-is parts, then coat with olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast in 400 degree oven for approx. 40 minutes, then shred and top with pesto and parmesan, OR your favorite pasta sauce (and parmesan)… you get the idea :). Sending LOVE and big hugs. xoxo


    1. love this!! Thanks so much for the tips! I look forward to more in the future and love and miss you lots!! Hope all is well with you and the rest of the fam!


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