Hello darlings, welcome back, I hope you are excited to hear about my day trip that was filled with fun fall weather, good views, and cobblestone streets. In case the title of this weeks post didn’t give it away for you, I went to Cambridge! Allow me to walk you all through the day (this was on Saturday for those of you that require all of the facts).

The bus left around 10am and it took around 2 hours to drive from Guildford to Cambridge, we arrived a little after 12pm. Once in Cambridge we took full advantage of the free entry for the museums. We first went to the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, which is the Universities oldest museum. It was really cool to look at all of the fossils of different plants and animals, as well as the evolution of life in our oceans.

Me before being friends with the dinosaur. It was very scary obviously.
Me after finding out the dinosaur was pretty cool. We became good friends.

After the Earth Science Museum we took a quick, unplanned, detour to the University Museum of Zoology. I really liked looking at all of the different replicated animals as well as all of the skeletons. I saw the biggest turtle ever, honestly I had no idea that they could grow to be so gigantic, it was pretty insane. Since it was an unexpected detour we didn’t spend too much time there as we only had so many hours in the day to see everything we wanted. Our final museum stop was The Fitzwilliam Museum, which not only had cool things inside, but the museum itself was gorgeous. It was really nice to just walk around and look at the variety of beautiful artifacts and art from all over the world. The museum itself holds over half a million objects so I didn’t see everything, but I definitely felt like I got my fill of museums.

After the museums it was time for one of my favorite stops, the Mathematical Bridge (officially called the Wooden Bridge), which was much bigger in person than I was expecting. The bridge is actually really cool because it was said that if a piece of timber needed to be replaced on one of the sides that it could be done without having to dismantle the entire bridge due to trussing. Which has something to do with tension and compression (don’t quote me on that).

Aren’t I just the absolute cutest? This picture belongs in the frame when you buy it at the store, like damn.

After the Mathematical Bridge we strolled through the different University of Cambridge colleges, we saw King’s (kind of), St. John’s, and some of Trinity. Unfortunately it was a Saturday so we were really only allowed to tour the grounds. Fun story for St. John’s: we went to the wrong gate, which meant we got in for free, though I did pay a price. Not realizing there was a small chain in front of me as I was walking to the gate I managed to fully trip and hit the ground pretty hard. Only a few bruises, but it definitely hurt. Though the pain was worth it to see such beautiful sights.

After walking through the campuses, and falling, I finally got to see the Bridge of Sighs! I definitely sighed when I saw it. Something about it is just so beautiful and serene, I absolutely loved it! The rest of the trip involved looking at some churches, seeing the oldest bookstore in Cambridge, and eating delicious food (obviously). I will say that overall I loved Cambridge and am so glad that I was able to attend this trip! Quick thanks to my amazing photographer Allison Gillespie (her instagram is @alli_gillespie if you want to see more cool pictures).

I look forward to my time in Dublin starting tomorrow, make sure to stay tuned for the next post for information on how that weekend trip went! This will be my first time staying in a hostel which is exciting and also makes me a little nervous. Thankfully I am going with a pretty good group and I am really looking forward to everything Dublin, and Ireland in general, has to offer me. Talk soon!



2 thoughts on “Cambridge!

  1. beauty is pain? pain is beautiful? i always forget how that goes…but i guess it can go both ways (like so many other things in life!) you are beautiful and fun and i am so glad i get to know you and be your mum (see what i did there?) love, Love, LOVE!

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