Grist 6 Reunion

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! As I am sure you can tell from my lack of blog posts, I have had a busy couple weeks. I really need to get back on track with posting, I promise I will make an effort. Now, as I stated before the holidays, the family came across the pond to visit me for the holidays!! I cannot even begin to say how nice it was to see everyone again, I missed them. While it was only a short while that they were here I was able to catch up with them in person and actually hug them, it was really great and I missed it more than I thought.

I will admit that for a large part of the week we just hung out and chatted, we also did a lot of sleeping, but we saw a couple things along the way. We went back to Arundel and Brighton, so they got to explore the lanes and see the castle from a distance (it is closed in the winter apparently). We also did a two day trip in London! We went on a bus tour, got to see the inside and top of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and say The Waitress Musical (which is just as great the second time around). We also went to this really cool bar called The Alchemist, fancy cocktails and cute bartenders I mean who wouldn’t enjoy that. While we got to see a lot of cool things, I really just loved getting to spend time with all of them again.

I also enjoyed getting to see all my seaside British peeps again, I really missed all of them. I was really entertained by the family learning all the new words, I felt cool already knowing them. Also, I might be developing a bit of an accent, since Caden and Kellen spent most of the week making fun of the way I was talking. Fingers crossed it becomes more apparent before I go home 😉

I am pleased to say that I can also purchase more books, since mom took most of my other ones home with her! Though I am at a loss for how I will be packing them back up to take home, I’ve decided to make that a problem for future me to solve. Well, I don’t really want to give away everything from the holidays, because it feels nice to keep some of that between just the family. Stay tuned for my next two blog posts in the next few days, trying to make up for lost time, and then hopefully I will get back to regularly scheduled posts, but who knows. Love you all and hope you had great holidays and started your New Year with a bang!



2 thoughts on “Grist 6 Reunion

  1. there is no proof we were there! not one picture 🙂 hehehe…we must be embarrassing 😉 at the very least i thought chipotle would make the blog! love you


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