New Friends

So, it has been one week since the empty house filled with new exchange students. The verdict is in: they are all really great. Of course I miss my old housemates and was definitely sad to see them go, but I am really glad that I have new friends again. I’m still getting used to their habits, but I think that as time progresses we will figure all of that out. Along with new housemates we have finally begun classes again. I honestly forgot that I was here for school because it has been so long since I had to actually learn. However, classes and those study details will come after I introduce the new housemates. No pictures this time around because we haven’t taken many together, but I promise to try and make it happen soon.

First we have my roommate Kate, she’s from Florida and she’s really sweet. I think that she hopefully doesn’t totally hate living with me. Next there are the boys across the hall upstairs, Julian and Gabriel. Although I wasn’t thrilled about sharing a bathroom with two boys again these boys are relatively clean, so I’m willing to make an exception. Julian is from Germany, and is really quiet, but also super funny. Gabriel is from Montreal and is definitely more outgoing and social. Personally I think that our upstairs is where the part is because obviously we are the best. No bias at all there. Then there are the downstairs people.

First up, Carmen, who is technically from Toronto, but likes to say New York since she was there for a little bit early on. She’s funny and a bit sassy which is great because we definitely get along well. Then we have Deborah who is also from Toronto and is really nice and organised. We bonded over our mutual love for bullet journals. In the rooms next to them are Anthony and Aerrow. Anthony is from Montreal as well, and I really like the conversations we’ve had. Plus he is pretty funny when he isn’t judging my dinner choices. Aerrow is, you guessed it, also from Toronto, and is the “wise dad” since he is the oldest in the house. Are you getting the theme of most of them being from Canada? It’s weird. Next we have Lucy who is from Australia and is really sweet and just overall an easy person to get along with. Vita is quiet and I haven’t seen much of her, but I look forward to getting to know her more as exchange goes on.

So, now that the gang has been introduced we can finally start talking classes. Even though it has only been a week I am already really excited about this terms modules. I think that they are going to have really good discussions and the reading lists seem exciting. Since I was in all time period classes last term I am even more excited about these new ones, that aren’t heavy on history. I’ve got a Children’s Literature class, Gothic to Goth, Hardcore Shakespeare, and Contemporary Literature: Gender and Sexuality. The wide variety of class topics will definitely be interesting, but I already have books so there is no going back now. That’s about it in terms of school stuff, since it is still pretty early on.

Another great thing about my housemates is that we are already all friends, which is nice because it isn’t easy to make friends with all the other exchange students. Since I didn’t have to go to orientation I didn’t get to meet them all. We did have a bowling/ice skating night, but even then it wasn’t easy to really make any new friends. Thankfully I have the housemates to spend time with, and hopefully I will be able to meet new people through them too. I also still have my work friends which is nice because I get to spend time with the English peeps more.

So pretty much everything here is going really well so far. I am really excited to continue chatting with the friends I have made and hopefully making new ones as well. Of course I still miss my friends from back home. Luckily Molly and I have a couple trips planned together so it will be really nice to get to spend some time with someone from back home. Being away for so long has put a strain on some of my friendships and connections from back home which is really unfortunate. However, I know that the people that really matter will stick it out and greet me like nothing has changed when I get back home, which really helps to know. Okay, I think that is everything for now. Talk soon everyone!



3 thoughts on “New Friends

  1. glad the new peeps are settling in and that you are all getting on πŸ˜‰ can’t wait to see more pics of the trips you are taking and give molly a kiss from me! i am so excited for your classes…they seem interesting and what awesome reading lists! love you and love the updates! can’t wait to see the picture of the new hair πŸ˜‰


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