The Land of Sheep and Cows

A wise man once told me that Wales wasn’t a place to visit, however after visiting I have now discovered that he is not as wise as he originally claimed. The house trip to Snowdonia, aside from a small storm, was absolutely amazing. The views we got to see along the drive and the ones from our short hike were truly incredible. It definitely helps that I enjoyed my travel buddies as much as the exploring. Shoutout to Anthony for being a trouper and driving the whole way. I am in awe.

We left Saturday morning around 11:00am and began the drive to Bristol for a bit of exploring. The drive there was on the quiet side, since we had gone out the night before and everyone seemed a bit tired. When we got to Bristol we went to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and walked around for a bit. The weather was holding up nicely so we were able to get some really solid pictures of the view.

After exploring the bridge we went to the colourful houses of Clifton! Of course there are coloured houses on the harbour, but these were endless rows of coloured houses. The colours were so vibrant and the sun was perfect for getting the best photos. I couldn’t help being a bit of an instagram girl and take some basic photos in front of a random persons car. After all of the car and house pictures it was time to make the last of the journey to the cottage.

The cottage was so super cute and it was nice to cozy up to the fire after the long drive (and struggling to find the keys to get into the place). The housemates and I had a few hours to just chill and socialise which was really enjoyable. I think that they made the trip extra special because it was a great chance for us to bond outside of the house and school environment. It was definitely a late night, but one I would repeat simply for the memories it created.

After getting at least a few hours of sleep we regrouped the next day to explore the national park. Full from a delicious french toast made by Kate, we decided to head out and take a look around. We saw so so many sheep it was really crazy. It was nice to just drive around and admire the scenery, and of course Anthony was a pro with the small roads by then. Luckily the rain also managed to stay away until after we were already heading back home. The hike was much better without the extra water. We got to see a few waterfalls and attempted to take some cute photos. Most of them turned out pretty decent.

Overall I had an absolutely amazing time and I really enjoyed the tunes and the company. Hopefully next time I will be able to help drive, but I do think Kate and I did a great job of keeping Anthony company. With the current state of Europe I am unsure about my future plans, but I do hope that whatever happens these people are ones that will continue to stay in my life. I will try to post again in a few days with more information on my next moves and what is happening. In the meantime I hope you enjoy reading about what might have been my last adventure abroad.



3 thoughts on “The Land of Sheep and Cows

  1. adore you and the hair looks pretty cute…i know it’s not the color you were hoping for, but cute nonetheless! i love the sheep! when we went up to visit kara we saw lots of lambs romping around in the grass as we drove to the tournament – so cute – kara said to follow the nothing but goats feed on instagram cuz it has funny stuff on it and she was right! hysterical! that suspension bridge and the vw bus are great pictures! love you, praying for your safety and that you can stay and finish the adventure in real time 😉


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